INCEPTION - created by Mike

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No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else's mind. (5 years and 2345 days ago)

May the force be with you - created by Mike

May the force be with you
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One of my "old kids"... hope you still like it :-)


Thanks again to Mr. Don Showalter for letting me use his model as a reference... check out the SBS for any further detail... (5 years and 3063 days ago)

Magic Of Life - created by Mike

Magic Of Life
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Oldie... Hope You like it :-)

Watch Hi-Res (5 years and 3048 days ago)

Some kind of monster - created by Mike

Some kind of monster
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Oldie one :-)


Only source used and plenty of PS :-) (5 years and 3056 days ago)

Lil' Trojan Horse - created by Mike

Lil Trojan Horse
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Recreation of the trojan horse :-) hope you like it...


The beach picture is mine... i shot it on a beach near my home... (5 years and 3089 days ago)

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