The Nightmare Before Christmas - created by Concrete

The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Another Tim Burton movie poster by me...

One of my all time fav movies had to do it, wasn't sure it the white or texture looked best though.

Check my SBS to see the black and white version.

Used Illustrator only. (5 years and 2235 days ago)

The time is now - created by Concrete

The time is now
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Not sure what I was thinking but the time is now just came to mind and I flowed with it. (5 years and 2486 days ago)

Dont drink me - created by Concrete

Dont drink me
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Not really sure what I was think, forgot my idea half way or maybe just got distracted. Anyways here it is. Just altered colour and manipulated shapes to create the "eyes". (5 years and 2459 days ago)

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