Floating Island - created by Anjii119

Floating Island
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I have always wanted to attempt making one of these. I am pleased with the outcome - critique appreciated!
(5 years and 3046 days ago)

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20 years younger - created by Anjii119

20 years younger
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**Fixed the neck area - did not add to sbs, very simple use of patch tool... also used the burn tool slightly under each eye to give them dimension** (5 years and 2998 days ago)

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What a doll. - created by Anjii119

What a doll.
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When she's not running around being a dirty mess, she cleans up rather nicely. In fact, if you didn't know any better, this picture that was done of her not to long after she cleaned all the mud away, she looks just like a doll! (5 years and 3073 days ago)

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Eyes for money - created by Anjii119

Eyes for money
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Thanks to foodistablog for use of salad image

Thanks to orangeacid for eye image (5 years and 3042 days ago)

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Ring ring ring.... - created by Anjii119

Ring ring ring....
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ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BANANA PHONE!

I got this FEELING
So appealing
for us to get together and sing (SING)

(if your confused go to this link it will all make sense!)


(5 years and 3042 days ago)

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