Library - created by nikola

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a great collection of unread books.. (5 years and 1961 days ago)

the round-square shaped stairs - created by nikola

the round-square shaped stairs
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Stairs that confused me by first look - they are hard shaped and sharpened, but when you look closer, they are rounded. A little game of architect that made them.. :) (5 years and 2069 days ago)

reaching for the star - created by nikola

reaching for the star
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private collection from a dance contest.. (5 years and 1972 days ago)

hdr off sunrise - created by nikola

hdr off sunrise
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once there was a contest about out of focus photos, where i found some really nice and got the idea to make an hdr off photo.. so here's the sun out of focus, and grass is in central attention..

this effect worked perfectly for me, i was scared it won't work.. :) (5 years and 1858 days ago)

1 of 4 was not expecting.. :) - created by nikola

1 of 4 was not expecting.. :)
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from reactions you just can know who was not expecting to win on a contest.. :) (5 years and 2023 days ago)

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