Escelator - created by knacker50

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Just a picture of an escelator at Navy Pier (5 years and 1796 days ago)

Chained - created by knacker50

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I once met a girl at a bar who said she wanted to be a model. We became friends and sometimes do photos together. This is her at a local artist colony. The lighting was terrible, I had no tripod but think I did alright with this pic. (5 years and 1804 days ago)

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Arm - created by knacker50

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This was the arm of a chair I saw one day while walking around downtown (5 years and 1849 days ago)

which one? - created by knacker50

which one?
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just a bunch of toothpicks. i actually took this with my's not too great. (5 years and 1849 days ago)

Shadows - created by knacker50

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Just some cool shadows at Navy Pier (5 years and 1658 days ago)

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