Pear - created by downoffthedragon

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Gull and Wave - created by downoffthedragon

Gull and Wave
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Itsy Bitsy Spider - created by downoffthedragon

Itsy Bitsy Spider
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The Daring Jumping Spider only uses its web for travel. It actually pounces on it's prey. They are everywhere here. This particular one stayed pretty still for me to take at least 10 or more shots. And considering how close I had to get, because I only have macro filters, he really was daring. Although, he did jump toward me a couple of times. (5 years and 2186 days ago)

I'm Gonna Getcha! - created by downoffthedragon

Im Gonna Getcha!
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My daughter helped me capture these seaguls by feeding them bread. She's so brave! (5 years and 2354 days ago)

Seagul in Flight - created by downoffthedragon

Seagul in Flight
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I love seaguls. They make fantastic subjects because they glide and will glide close to the ground if you feed them. (5 years and 2354 days ago)

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