Long Lake - created by chaplain

Long Lake
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This is Long Lake just outside of Palmer, Alaska. I've always wanted to live in Alaska so when the Army sent me there, I was in paradise. The only way to describe the beauty there is "overwhelming". It is simply gorgeous, and to me, paradise on earth.

My first entry in a photography contest so go easy on me :)

I took this photo last fall. It was a rather grey day so I brightened it up a bit and tried to bring out the fall colors. (5 years and 2214 days ago)

Rope Coil - created by chaplain

Rope Coil
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Had some rope laying around the backyard. Coiled it up to fill the picture per the contest guidelines. Used my favorite technique - point and click. (5 years and 2097 days ago)

Daddy-Daughter - created by chaplain

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My Daughter and I in Yellowstone National Park. They grow up way too fast! (5 years and 1634 days ago)

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Unknown - created by chaplain

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The Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington DC. Taken on Easter Morning 2012. (5 years and 1388 days ago)

Trumpeter - created by chaplain

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This bull elk did not like us looking at him and his harem. He kept hearding his ladies away from us and turning to trumpet at us.

Taken near Girdwood, Alaska. (5 years and 2206 days ago)

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