St James Cathedral - created by bf2015

St James Cathedral
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Canon 20D
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Custom WB (5 years and 2322 days ago)

Starry Night - created by bf2015

Starry Night
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25 sec single exposure
ISO3200 (5 years and 2334 days ago)

Galactic Core - created by bf2015

Galactic Core
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4 shot pano of the Milky Way (5 years and 2311 days ago)

Gothic Spires - created by bf2015

Gothic Spires
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This is actually Stadium High School in Tacoma WA. It was built in 1891 as the finest hotel on the west coast, however, plans changed, and it became a high school in 1906 which it has been ever since. (5 years and 2248 days ago)

Old Barn - created by bf2015

Old Barn
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T2i (handheld)
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Photomatix Pro 3
Photoshop CS5 (5 years and 2323 days ago)

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