Write or Not? - created by algerbl

Write or Not?
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(5 years and 2028 days ago)

This is Awesome! - created by algerbl

This is Awesome!
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a photo of my daughter having a blast on an amusement park ride. (5 years and 2024 days ago)

Over the Edge - created by algerbl

Over the Edge
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I took this picture at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone while on vacation last summer. It was stunning! (5 years and 2030 days ago)

Horsing Around - created by algerbl

Horsing Around
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For my daughter's sixth birthday, we went horseback riding. She absolutely loved the horses! I love the contrast between her girly-girl tutu and the big masculine horse! (5 years and 2030 days ago)

"fore" - created by algerbl

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golf ball collection from around the world (5 years and 2024 days ago)

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