Forest flow - created by Pat

Forest flow
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Just a picture of the never stopping snow pack run off.

f/25 20sec.
ISO 100 @ 13mm
Shot using both my Polorised and Neutral density filter. (5 years and 2471 days ago)

Stars and fire - created by Pat

Stars and fire
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Took this while camping in a park near Mt.Baker in Washington.

f/3.5, ISO 1600, with a 10mm wide angle, 20min exposure. (5 years and 2371 days ago)

Forest stream - created by Pat

Forest stream
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Being a very sunny weekend I had bring it down with a neutral density and polarizing filter. I still was unable to achieve what I was going for and ended up going HDR. (5 years and 2268 days ago)

From the top of Vancouver - created by Pat

From the top of Vancouver
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atop of Seymour mt. (5 years and 1954 days ago)

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Wheres the Elf? - created by Pat

Wheres the Elf?
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Just off the trail near my home. For this photo I used my neutral density along with my polarized filter to bring the light levels way down. (5 years and 2912 days ago)

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