Stairway to the sky. - created by KatRobinson

Stairway to the sky.
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A skylight in this hotel lights up this dark staircase. (5 years and 1620 days ago)

Down stairs - created by KatRobinson

Down stairs
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Looking down from the fourth floor at a hotel (5 years and 1621 days ago)

Old Red Grist Mill - created by KatRobinson

Old Red Grist Mill
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... next to a river, in a field, on a farm, yada yada. (5 years and 1605 days ago)

Lost shed. - created by KatRobinson

Lost shed.
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This shed was part of a tourist destination along a now mostly-forgotten stretch of highway. (5 years and 1576 days ago)

Root Beer Float and Moon Pie - created by KatRobinson

Root Beer Float and Moon Pie
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This is a Root Beer Float with a Moon Pie. (5 years and 1708 days ago)

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