Acoustic Art - created by Jackiesou

Acoustic Art
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Cropped and turned Black and white (5 years and 2850 days ago)

Father Eusevios-Resting - created by Jackiesou

Father Eusevios-Resting
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The only remaining monk at Kipouria monastery, Kefalonia. He lives in solitude. Father Eusevios has worked every day of his life since the 90's to restore this beautiful old monastery and to farm the precarious slopes. (5 years and 2856 days ago)

Fire Plane - created by Jackiesou

Fire Plane
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(Cropped)Joined by the helicopter (prev entry) The brave fireplanes sweep in with their water to put the fire out! (5 years and 2836 days ago)

In the Band - created by Jackiesou

In the Band
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Cropped and turned to Black and white (5 years and 2850 days ago)

Kefalonia-Fire chopper - created by Jackiesou

Kefalonia-Fire chopper
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This was taken outside my house...a scary few hours as they put a field fire out! (5 years and 2836 days ago)

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