Inspired by Nature - created by Gubbles

Inspired by Nature
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Handcrafted necklace. (5 years and 3142 days ago)

Grandfather - created by Gubbles

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Circles. - created by Gubbles

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Whisker In Your Ear. - created by Gubbles

Whisker In Your Ear.
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10 year old Tinker and 10 year old Isla grew up together and are virtually inseparable. Tinker was a 3 day old abandioned feral kitten resued from a paddock by my son, hand reared by me and slobbered on by six Labradors. She forged a particularly strong bond with Isla whom she grooms nightly. (5 years and 3137 days ago)

Furly Orange - created by Gubbles

Furly Orange
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