An Eye for an Eye - created by Govindrathod

An Eye for an Eye
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There was a kitty lying near a pool. It was relaxing. I went near it to take a snap and could see how relaxed the kitty was... Cat eyes. You can even see my reflection in its eyes... (5 years and 2375 days ago)

Fire on water... - created by Govindrathod

Fire on water...
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I took this snap in a stunt show where they shoot and oil can on water and then the flames are on water like the way they are in this image. I took at as soon as the flames were visible on the surface of water. Two elements water and fire together which are opposite to each other. (5 years and 2801 days ago)

Illusion - created by Govindrathod

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It was a piece of cloth on a stool in the bathroom. I saw it once and got hmmm it looks like side face of a man. Can you spot that? (5 years and 2848 days ago)

Water Drop - created by Govindrathod

Water Drop
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Took the photograph of the dew drops early in the morning. I could take this snap in the macro mode. You can imagine the size of the water droplet as the snap also has index finger in it. (5 years and 2843 days ago)

Iguana - created by Govindrathod

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It was an Iguana on a branch. Actually the iguana was steady and hence it was easy for me to take 2-3 snaps of it. This is one of them. (5 years and 2826 days ago)

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