Sad Teddy - created by BusyBoy

Sad Teddy
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After reading a tragic book :( (5 years and 2442 days ago)

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Vroom Vroom - created by BusyBoy

Vroom Vroom
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(5 years and 2445 days ago)

Tangled in background - created by BusyBoy

Tangled in background
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From back of my entertainment center (5 years and 2477 days ago)

Yummm - created by BusyBoy

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(5 years and 2433 days ago)

Self Potrait (Low Key) - created by BusyBoy

Self Potrait (Low Key)
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This is one of my experiments with Low Key light. In this shot, i used a torch light as the source of light, set the camera on tripod, manually focused and used the timer. (5 years and 2486 days ago)

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