Wooden Horse - created by AngeldustUK

Wooden Horse
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Taken at the Eden project in Cornwall.

My take on: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/4c94ea4ed2519/Roots-Horse.html (5 years and 1890 days ago)

Lake - created by AngeldustUK

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Late afternoon in Canada (5 years and 1954 days ago)

Line - created by AngeldustUK

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(5 years and 1898 days ago)

Winding stream - created by AngeldustUK

Winding stream
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Stumbled into this stream after a night on Scottish Whiskey! Can't remember where exactly, but do remember it was extreemly cold! (5 years and 1337 days ago)

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Lazy Days - created by AngeldustUK

Lazy Days
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(5 years and 1912 days ago)

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