Umbrella flower - created by sophia

Umbrella flower
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(5 years and 1447 days ago)

butterfly - created by sophia

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in spring the lemon tree infront of our house will be covered with butterflies, its a nice time to watch them (5 years and 2422 days ago)

Hope - created by sophia

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hope it meet the them,
SBS are not so clear becouse i have merged most of the layers sketch was done on paintchat,and coloring with photoshop (5 years and 2494 days ago)

An Eye - created by sophia

An Eye
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Soft brush, smudge tool and blure tool.
not sure how the colors look since my PS ignored my screen setting,also my computer restared many times while I was working . (5 years and 2163 days ago)

Get Ready - created by sophia

Get Ready
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(5 years and 2284 days ago)

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