Bloody Tears - created by robvdn

Bloody Tears
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Hand drawn in Photoshop with just the smudge tool. More explanation in the SBS. (5 years and 1945 days ago)

Jack in the Box - created by robvdn

Jack in the Box
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pencil, colourpencils, eraser and paper (5 years and 2467 days ago)

YES! An elephant I tell you! - created by robvdn

YES! An elephant I tell you!
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Ever wondered how come your drinks are finished that quick?

Just used an HB pencil and an eraser. (5 years and 2536 days ago)

Souvenir of the Dwarf Wars - created by robvdn

Souvenir of the Dwarf Wars
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Made this entry with Artrage. The thought behind it was to make a sort of photo-painting of a dwarf posing as a surviver of the Dwarf Wars.

1 Reference used: (5 years and 2231 days ago)

Birdring - created by robvdn

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Fantasy type ring of a bird.
Just used smudge, dodge, burn and some colors (5 years and 2500 days ago)

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