Santa! Let's Play - created by metalhips

Santa! Lets Play
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(5 years and 1925 days ago)

Bubble - created by metalhips

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(5 years and 1918 days ago)

The New Year Resolution! - created by metalhips

The New Year Resolution!
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The New Year Resolution - Quit smoking; Its time for the cigarettes to be back into the box and not me!... Materials used white paper, HB pencils, Charcoal, Correction pen. Cotton & Talc were used as blenders. (5 years and 1911 days ago)

Where is my Innocence? - created by metalhips

Where is my Innocence?
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This sketch depicts the confused state of a girl's mind - unable to identify herself as a child or a teen (adolescence) and just for this reason I made her to look a bit mature. Materials used HB pencils, water colour & cotton for blending. (5 years and 1869 days ago)

The Mighty Seahorse & Warrior - created by metalhips

The Mighty Seahorse & Warrior
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A simple sketch using HB & 3B pencils. (5 years and 1652 days ago)

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