He's So FLY! - created by goobymook

Hes So FLY!
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Super fly frog breakin' it down, poppin' and robotin'.

I used two references, which are listed, to get the correct placement of the colors.

Pencil, pen, prismacolors.

I started with a rough sketch first, and also told my friend to strike a few poses so I could quick sketch them.



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Macheahorse - created by goobymook

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Brought to you by the new robotics imaginary company SEAHORSE prototypes.

pencil first, then Prismacolor brush marker, Prismacolor marker, Micron pen.

No outside sources used except for my brain and my hand. (5 years and 2696 days ago)

Sweet Revenge - created by goobymook

Sweet Revenge
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Better not tip over the snoman with the marshmallow teeth and gasoline in his eyes...he'll get his revenge...

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You Are What You Watch - created by goobymook

You Are What You Watch
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When I watch TV I often dream of what I've seen. I'd like to think that the TV that I watch is up in my head, my own creation, when I sleep, therefore, I am what I watch, and the show stars me and my creations.

The first step I took was to tell my buddy to sit very still in that pose, so I could do a quick-sketch of the basic shape I wanted. It all took off from there. (5 years and 2731 days ago)

Convergence - created by goobymook

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Full Title: The Convergence of Night and Day

Inspired by the works of The Mars Volta.

Paintbrush, Paintbucket tools. (5 years and 2695 days ago)

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