Productivity - created by SkinMonkey

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A couple of months of work doodles. Mostly the result of waiting for things to load, save, update, etc, with a pen and a stack of post-it notes nearby. (5 years and 2202 days ago)

The Jump - created by SkinMonkey

The Jump
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(5 years and 2436 days ago)

Bitey/terrified mask - created by SkinMonkey

Bitey/terrified mask
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Lead pencils, charcoal, and some hard white pastel type thing that I can't remember the name of, that I found rummaging around in a box of drawing stuff (5 years and 2643 days ago)

Cramped Feet. Ouch. - created by SkinMonkey

Cramped Feet. Ouch.
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Pencil on paper. Self portrait of me drawing this this entry with my feet. Portrait is not exact, I do have hair and a face. However, as you can see in the SBS, the freakish toes are true to life. Strange note, I'm left handed but it was easier to draw with my right foot. (5 years and 2642 days ago)

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