A Garden's Beauty - created by George55

A Gardens Beauty
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I like flowers. Rose is one of my favorites. I have some growing in the garden. There is where I got the idea of making a drawing of a rose first, then fill the outlines with color. I tried Illustrator, but I think PS worked much better.

I used the smudge tool, as I have done in some of my works, and the blending is amazing. (5 years and 2078 days ago)

Exotic Beauty - created by George55

Exotic Beauty
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Just a flower that is not a common flower. This flower is one of its kind, and it is found in the mind or people who like beauty. (5 years and 1176 days ago)

Book & Rose - created by George55

Book & Rose
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Have not done drawing in long time, but wanted to participate. (5 years and 1202 days ago)

One Of Its Kind - created by George55

One Of Its Kind
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Here is a flower that is rare and unique. Not seen on planet Earth yet until today. (5 years and 1173 days ago)

Blooming "Epiphyllum" - created by George55

Blooming "Epiphyllum"
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Sorry guys, it is hard for me to pronounce the name of this beautiful flower.

We got some long ago, different colors and shapes, and wanted to share a photo and a drawing of one of them.

This drawing was done using a felt pen. (5 years and 2077 days ago)

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