baby with the hat - created by Agnieszka

baby with the hat
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I am not good with shadowing. Also im not good with details.:/ (5 years and 1160 days ago)

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Is it worth it ? - created by Agnieszka

Is it worth it ?
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what i did to that car; i drove into the light pall, i threw a rock into the front window. Even the bird was looking for a revenge. (5 years and 1155 days ago)

high five - created by Agnieszka

high five
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drawing with hb 2 pencil (5 years and 712 days ago)

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Growing Rose - created by Agnieszka

Growing Rose
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Pencil and colored with eye shadow (5 years and 1097 days ago)

horse - created by Agnieszka

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(5 years and 1041 days ago)

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