Fan Girl Guitar - created by downoffthedragon

Fan Girl Guitar
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This is my guitar, which I can't play and my amp that does me no good if I can't play guitar, and speakers that I don't really have but they would be awesome. The poster is a picture that I took at a Def Leppard concert. (5 years and 1322 days ago)

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Vanitas - created by downoffthedragon

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Done for a school assignment. Happy to find a contest to put it in. Please, after you vote, check out my old 3D entries! I have come a loooong way! (5 years and 1360 days ago)

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My Livingroom - created by downoffthedragon

My Livingroom
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I just finished this 14 min before deadline. I will do my best with SBS. I created this with Blender.

Those are pictures of my daughter on the coffee table.

(5 years and 2182 days ago)

Vase - created by downoffthedragon

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Followed the this tutorial and added a few touches of my own.

The texture from the table is from a file that my 3D instructor included in an assignment. I honestly don't know where it came from. If that is a problem, I will find or create my own. (5 years and 1668 days ago)

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Glass - created by downoffthedragon

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I made this swirly ball using this tutorial:

I made a pillar out of a cylindar and flattened cubes, stacked.

Made adjustments to the ball in Ray Mirror and Ray Transparency. Changed the colors of the world.

Placed the default light inside of the ball. Added a sun lamp, colored it yellow and increased the intensity to 1.58.

Added marble texture and made adjustments to the texture on the base. Added color. (5 years and 2196 days ago)

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