K!ng Of Portraits. - created by dilsedosty

K!ng Of Portraits.
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One of my favorite. (5 years and 1214 days ago)

!mpossible WaterFall - created by dilsedosty

!mpossible WaterFall
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all stuff made in 3ds max (5 years and 1225 days ago)

Delicacy - created by dilsedosty

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My Favourite (5 years and 1266 days ago)

Merry Christmas - created by dilsedosty

Merry Christmas
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i would like to wish u all Merry Christmas, happy holiday n Happy New Year. (5 years and 1201 days ago)

Save Tree - created by dilsedosty

Save Tree
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All stuff made in 3ds max.

And Inspired from the Image http://preview.turbosquid.com/Preview/Content_2009_07_13__18_10_49/Scary_Tree03.jpgf77f24ee-2fa5-4677-97c3-0ea3d755ea42Larger.jpg (5 years and 1251 days ago)

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