Miniature House - created by Staccato

Miniature House
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Miniature Country House. Modeled, textured and rendered in Blender with the internel renderer.
Contrast and color enhanced in Paint Shop Pro.
All textures are from
The terrain is a mix of different textures. I created it for another image and can´t remember the name of them to include the url. (5 years and 1581 days ago)

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Tea Set - created by Staccato

Tea Set
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My first image done with Blender, except for the post-work (blur and noise added), which was done with Paint Shop Pro.
The wood texture for the table top is from Psicosonic Textures. (5 years and 1832 days ago)

Time Out - created by Staccato

Time Out
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Modeling, materials, lightning and render in Blender.
Only import is the skull from Renderosity (see source 1) and the wallpaper texture from deviantArt (source 2).

Minimal postwork to smooth the image a little with a minimun amount of blur.

Ok, my last try to get a decent lightning. This time I watched at it in two different screens before posting. Thanks to all for your comments. (5 years and 1792 days ago)

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