The corner of 'emo' - created by HexaNode

The corner of emo
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The loner corner
The loser corner
The emo corner

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Love can not wait! - created by HexaNode

Love can not wait!
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"i miss her, miss so much... I can't wait for this afternoon at sunny-bloom garden," said young Crocodile. "I fall in love with her cro-co... err... i mean alligator! How can that be?" The elder croc just shaken his head. "Remember, we're not in the same clan. But... LOVE CANNOT WAIT. You must go to her side, but you have to end our blood-clan.

To be continued...

I used paper-like material for this scene. so it pretends to be an origami stuffs...

hope you like it =D

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wired~! - created by HexaNode

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