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Undead Crown - created by Titan85

Undead Crown
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Here is the final image. Sorry for the confusion. Ill hold off till the image is complete to submit entries from now on. (5 years and 1723 days ago)

author says:

Yeah thats the problem, I wanted to give it color but by doing so it takes away from the hi res modeling, ill see what i can do, should have some time later.

avatar dilsedosty

Great modeling and great render!

author says:

Alright I got some time to do a little more to this entry. Added a throne and some reference objects for background. I changed the pose of the skull and crown. This render does not represent the final composition. I still want to add more clutter and Im learning more about the lighting in Zbrush so expect some changes there. Ill have more time this week so expect finished product by the weekend. Comments, criticism welcome....SBS updated with newer renders as well.

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I voted and then you changed it significantly. I don't think that you should be able to do that! Changes to improve on the existing work is one thing. But this is completely different!

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Not really. Sure, it's the same idea, but the composition is COMPLETELY different. And composition is, like, 50% of my vote!

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