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Orbital colonization - created by dka120

Orbital colonization
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This entry was made in LightWave 3D 9. I haven't used the program for a while, so this was a good repetition.

All though fun, this entry took way to much time. About 12H of modelling, texturing and setting things up, and then another 19H 55M 2S to render in full antialias with radiosity.

*No sources - I made everything myself.*

**The final output was accidently set to 640x480. So that's my entry so far. :/ But within 24hours I have hopefully have rendered a new 1600x1200.**

***The SBS is on its way but will take some time setting up.*** (5 years and 2163 days ago)

avatar arkncheeze

Cool... Can you tell me some site where I can get info on how to use lightwave... I want to learn lightwave myself... Again, nice entry

edit: I did google, but mostly I find advance tut... I need basic guide as to know the whole structure of the software... I know there are books but want recommendations as not to waste time reading several at once...

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

looks good, but the planet looks a bit distorted. Good luck though, nice modelling!

author says:

Ponti, thanks for your comment, but could you be more precise about the distortion?

Arkncheeze, there should be plenty of good tutorials if you Google. I read some book when I learned the software back in the day and went on from there.

avatar nehayash
nehayash says:

hey really good

Howdie stranger!
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