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Caribbean Back Gammon - created by dka120

Caribbean Back Gammon
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Mid 1600 entertainment below deck. Pirates loved playing back gammon...(?)

Since realism was supposed to be the key in this contest I had to cut the specularity and reflections.

2 image sources from CGTextures used for coloring (see below), the rest was made by me. (5 years and 2050 days ago)

2 Sources:

avatar Coltranized

Very nice! Maybe a depth of field would help it look a tad bit more realistic! Who knows?!

author says:

Coltranized, it actually has a small amount of "depth of field"-variant, applied as a simple filter (see SBS). But it got consumed with AA turned on for the final render.

avatar ZaphodQB
ZaphodQB says:

I really like this one

avatar Suky04
Suky04 says:

nice,I like the textures!

avatar chakra1985

great job

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

And also congrats for your second place!

Howdie stranger!
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