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Wall-E & Eva - created by fodelement

Wall-E & Eva
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*****High Resolution B4 VOTE*** (5 years and 3018 days ago)

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Keiley22 says:

wouldn't this be classed as copyrite. Surely you can't remake them? i mean im not allowed to remake a copyrites picture in photoshop, the rules would be no different in 3d.

author says:

Read the rules please!!!! My other entry has similar comments that were address by a moderator. Comments like these may bring in bad votes!

Besides, I did make a 22 SBS.

avatar niks1351
niks1351 says:

oooh thts so cute....

avatar k5683
k5683 says:

If someone voted on your other image, they now know who made this image so you are kind of giving you the author away.

author says:

True, but my last entry had the possibility of having miss guided votes because of the whole copyright situation. So I figured I would start anew.

avatar dka120
dka120 says:

I liked your previous version better. It's hard to make out all your hard work (especially in Low res) on the details and the background doesn't looks roughly pasted. I'll cast my vote partly on your previous work and the SBS however.

avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

In this contest there will ALWAYS be that copyright question! I guess we can plagiarize only when the Mods say it is OK! So good luck and I hope you don't get sued!!! Did I mention that I like this image?..........Well, I do!

avatar chakra1985

very nice

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