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As a skateboarder, I love to skateboard. So in this contest, model a scene of a skate park. Try to capture an element of being a skateboarder, whether it's a painful bail, a sick drop-in, an awesome trick, or something else. Realism and dramatics of the scene is the key to this contest. So prepare your favorite 3D applications, and let's get Graphical.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: trevvion

Cino: I hope I can finish my image on time ( 5 years and 183 days ago )

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Kate's skate - created by gedup

Kates skate
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I try to do realistic and dramatic(not too much) scene (5 years and 185 days ago)

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On the edge !! - created by db765

On the edge !!
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(5 years and 190 days ago)

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Skater on the rail - created by Cino

Skater on the rail
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My imagination of a skater. (5 years and 183 days ago)

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