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Make a Classic Old TV from Scratch - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a realistic old TV in photoshop. The detailed step by step guide will help you to easily understand how to make it. We're going to start with a blank document.
submitted: 5 years and 2080 days ago

Written by: suresh
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Draw a Funny Green Creature Watching TV - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will get you familiar with the pen, paintbucket, and brush tools. It will also get you familiar with the burn tool, marquee tool, and the pencil tool some. This tutorial is done using cs3 but can be done using earlier versions also. Some artistic ability is helpfull for this tutorial but none [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2121 days ago

Written by: Tuckinator
Score: 6 / 10
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Make a Realistic LCD HDTV from Scratch - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to create a photorealistic widescreen LCD HDTV from scratch. The LCD HDTV that we will be making is modeled after Samsung's LCD HDTVs.
submitted: 5 years and 2138 days ago

Written by: bcs
Score: 9.47 / 10
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