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Create a Fantasy Scene with a Sorceress and Tree Monster - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial shows the evolution process in one of my works.
In the tutorial you'll learn how to transform a normal photo of a woman walking in the park into a fantasy image of a sorceress facing a tree monster. Some basic photoshop knowledge is required to follow this tutorial.

I've used photoshop [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2175 days ago

Written by: Zakfuego
Score: 8.73 / 10
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Create a Colorful Woodpecker and Tree Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for everyone who is beginning at digital drawing/painting, if you like drawing and Photoshop then you are the perfect candidate to follow this tutorial.

I will show here how I have made this image from scratch, using simple techniques like clipping masks and layer blending [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2559 days ago

Written by: mqtrf
Score: 9.21 / 10
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How To Create A Neat Bird House From Scratch - Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm going to explain how I created this neat bird house!
As a source image, I will use the cut tree photo provided by mqtrf.

I'll guide you through this tutorial to create your own "Bird House", just read the steps carefully, and you'll be surprised how easily this can be achieved [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2616 days ago

Written by: George55
Score: 7.07 / 10
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How To Mask A Tree In 3 Minutes - Photoshop Tutorial

The easy way to mask a tree. As a bonus, we'll also add a new background.

This is really easy, but hardly anyone knows how to do this quick. I'll let you in on a Photoshop secret ;)
submitted: 5 years and 2633 days ago

Written by: robvdn
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How to Make a Bonsai Tree From Scratch - Photoshop Tutorial

I always wanted to make a Bonsai tree from scratch using PS. This tutorial can be done using any version of Photoshop. I used the image of the burger provided by pxleyes for a contest.
You can download the original image here:

hamburger photoshop contest

Hope you'll have fun and learn some new tricks [...]
submitted: 5 years and 2639 days ago

Written by: George55
Score: 7.76 / 10
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