Write Your Own tutorials

If you think you have the talent to write your own unique tutorials, then this is your chance!
Writing a tutorial for Pxleyes can earn you up to $200 per tutorial and will give a lot of name exposure for you or your website! Have a look at the exclusive tutorials sections to get an idea of the earnings.

How to submit your tutorial

The most efficient way to submit your tutorial, is to submit it step by step via my tutorials.
In there you can efficiently make changes to all your tutorials and followup comments, votes and earnings and build a nice personal tutorial portfolio.

If you don't want to submit it via that way, you can simply mail it in a word .doc or .pdf document to

support AT pxleyes DOT com.

How you will get paid

Immediately after your tutorial gets approved, your earnings will be added to your PXL account. When you want to withdraw the dollars in your PXL account, it can be requested by mail. Payments go via Paypal only.

Tips on how to write your tutorial

Each submission will be reviewed. If your submission is approved, you can earn up to $200, depending on the length, complexity and quality of your tutorial.
High quality tutorials are a must. So here are a few tips to increase your earnings and the chances of getting approved:
  • If you need a source image for your tutorial, try to find a source in the PXL contests first. You can also use the free stock photography sites listed under our resources page
  • Use long, clear descriptions with each step.
  • Upload an image with each step.
  • Use high quality images.
  • Don't rip tutorials from other websites.
  • No spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Mention the minimum program version that's required for your tutorial.
  • ...
If you have a good idea and want to share it with others, you can start by specifying your tutorial name and description first.
After this, you can start writing your tutorial step by step. You can add as many or as little steps you think are necessary.

Are you ready!?