Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Space Scene With A Dommed City

Follow me through the simple steps of this tutorial, and I will show you how to create a space scene with planets and a dommed city.

This tutorial is intended to teach beginning and intermediate Photoshop lovers.

Will be using the following:

* Elliptical Selections.
* Polygonal Lasso.
* Gradients.
* Difference Clouds.
* Adjustment Layers.
* Hue / Saturation.
* Color Balance.
* Copy and paste objects.

Let's get started!

End result:
Create A Space Scene With A Dommed City Final Image

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Step 1

At the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to do something like this. Do not be discouraged, it is simple and easy....just follow the step by step.

Step 2

Open a New Document. Size 1250 X 1500 px.

Resolution: 125.

Fill the layer with a black color # 000000.

Do not name this layer yet.

Step 3

Use the Gradient Tool (G).

Set a red color # 5E1313 as your foreground, and a black color # 000000 for background.

Draw a line from the bottom to the top as shown in image.

Step 4

Go to Filter - Render Clouds - Clouds.

Hit Ctrl + F, 3 times to get something as it is shown in image.

The redish and black color, will give an interesting texture for the cloudy sky, we will use in our design. Name new layer, "Clouds".

Step 5

Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool, draw a perfect circle and filled the selection with color black.

To make a perfect circle with the Marquee Tool, just hold Shift, and Drag the pointer to make your circle.

Name new layer, "Sun".

Step 6

This is a sequence of interesting information to make the sun. Do not miss a step. You will see how using clouds to make a planet, can even be used to make a bright sun.

Black color as Foreground, and White color as Background (Hit letter D on keyboard to get these colors).

With circle selected, go to Filter - Render Clouds - Difference Clouds.

Hold Ctrl + F, and do it two more times, to get something like I did.

Step 7

With circle selected. Go to Image - Adjustments - Levels.

Set the Input Levels to: 0.......155......and 200.

Leave the Output Levels as they are.

Step 8

Filter - Sharpen - Unsharp Mask.

Amount: 300.
Radius: 3.0.
Treshold: 15.

You can adjust the settings if your image looks so grainy.

Step 9

Select - Modify - Contract.

Amount 6 px.

Select - Inverse. Backspace or Delete, to delete the outside area of the sun. Doing this, will make the shape of the circle smoother.

Step 10

Image - Adjustments - Color Balance.

Type the following settings for Shadows: +100...... 0....... and -100

This will give the sun a redish/yellow color.

Step 11

Do the same thing for the Midtones.

+100....... 0 .........and... -100.

Step 12

Repeat again for the Highlights.

This time will be: .....+70 ....... 0 ....... -15.

If your image does not look like this. You can play with the color balance bar, and settings, until you get the result you want.

Step 13

Use a 300 px soft brush, opacity of 50%, and paint around, inside the left side of the sun. This will give the sun a kind of shadow.

Note: I used a 300 px soft brush, as my circle was kind of big, you can use a smaller brush, but remember to use a soft brush and a 50% opacity.

Step 14

Filter - Distort - Spherize.

Amount: 100%, and then again, this time: 60%.

Just remember to have the layer, selected while doing all of this, we have been doing.

Step 15

Add an Outer Glow, Layer Style.

Blend Mode: Screen.

Opacity: 50%. Noise 20%.

Elements: Precise.

Spread: 60%. Size: 30.

Quality Range: 100%.

Step 16

You should have something like this.

Step 17

We'll use the image of the hills, provided by Lelaina, member of pxleyes, which I thank for allowing me to use her pic of the landscape in this particular tutorial.

You can download the image here:

Step 18

Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L). Make a selection of the top of the hills which is the sky. Press Delete, or Backspace.

Step 19

Use the Transform Tool (Ctrl + T), to lower the hills just a little.

Step 20

Place the hills down as it is shown in image. To change the green color, we'll do the following: This is important carefully.

Image - Adjustments - Curves.

Input: 80 Output: 30

Still with your Image - Adjustments, go to Hue / Saturation.

Hue: - 40 Saturation: + 25

Color Balance:

Midtones: Red: + 100 ........ Yellow: - 60

Highlights: Green: + 20 .......Yellow: - 70

Curves: Input: 140 Output: 90


Input Levels: 5 ......1.30 ......255

Output Levels: 0 ...... 180

Step 21

Using the Dodge Tool (O). Dodge the areas shown in the image. Dodging the areas, will give some highlights to the hill. Use a soft 50 px brush. Reduce the opacity to 50%.

Step 22

You should have something like this. Name new layer, "Hill".

Step 23

To build the city.

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), to make a selection from the rocks, as shown in image.

Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), the selection. Name new layer, "City".

Use the Dodge and Burn tools (O), to give some highlights and shadows to the selection.

You'll use the Transform Tool (Ctrl + T), to change the look of the selection, make it larger or smaller, as you will be building some buildings for the city.

Step 24

Use Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation, to give different hues to the buildings. This is going to be up to you, how do you want your buldings to look.

Here again, you'll use the Transform Tool (Ctrl + T), to make the buildings different and shapes and size.

Make many copies from layer "City", do not name the layers, as you will merge them down and the layer will remain, "City". Let's have fun for now.

Step 25

In this step, you'll start forming your city as I told you before. I am showing you, the way to put all the layers together, and as you can see, the city is getting built. Just read the information given in the image... I do not want to confuse you.

Step 26

With all the copies of layer, "City", placed together, you can merge all those copies of this layer down, to form a single layer, which will remain, "City".

Place this layer, below layer, "Hill".

Step 27

Making of the dome.

The dome, which will protect the city, is just a circular selection made with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M).

Get some yellowish colors from the sun surface, and use a soft brush with an opacity of 50%, to paint inside the dome glass, as shown in image.

Step 28

Name this layer, "Dome", and place it on top of layer "City", and below layer, "Hill".

Step 29

Making a new planet.

The technique to make a planet is almost the same as making the sun. The only difference is that we won't use the color balance or unsharp mask.

Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M), to make a circular selection.

Fill the selection with a gradient, colors # 280909 foregound, and color # 8E5C5C, name this layer, "Planet".

With layer selected, go to Filter - Render Clouds - Difference Clouds. Hit Ctrl + F, until you get a nice texture. It does not have to be like mine.

Filter - Distort - Spherize. Amount 100% and then again, 60%.

Step 30

This planet will be closer to the Sun. We'll add some highlights to the left side, and some dark shadows to the right side.

Use the Dodge and Burn Tools (O).

Add a Layer Style, Outer Glow, and lower the Opacity of Structure to 30%.

Give the glow a redish brown color # 6D4435.

Spread the Elements to 30, and the Size to 25.

The Quality Range will be set to 100%.

Step 31

Start placing things together.

Place the planet in front of the Sun, as shown in image.

Step 32

Following the directions to make a planet. Make a new one, or you can just duplicate the layer "Planet", and add a different color to it. Use the Hue/Saturation to do this. Name this layer, "Planet 2".

Step 33

The image of the London Eye, was provided by pxleyes for a contest. You can download this image here.

Step 34

Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M), and make two oval selections of the capsules on the London Eye, as shown in image.

Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), the selections. Name new layers: "Capsule 1, and Capsule 2".

Step 35

Use the Eraser Tool (E), to erase the edges of the two capsules. Use a soft edge brush.

Step 36

Add some Curves to the capsules.

Image - Ajustments - Curves.

Input: 70

Output: 35

Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), to make the exhaustion trail.

Use color # 993753C, set it to Foreground and feather to 5 px.
Use this color with White color as your Background.

Make a kind of extension from the bottom of the capsules to the infinite. Look at the image. Use the Gradient Tool (G), to do this.

Start at the bottom of the capsules, and go to the end.

Name the new layers, "Exhaustion Trail 1, and Exhaustion Trail 2".

Step 37

We'll start putting the image together. This time is to finish our project.

Step 38

What do you think. I do think, that we did a wonderful job!, The final image looks nice!

Step 39

Well, my friends. Thank you for following me through all the steps in this tutorial. I appreciate your patience and dedication to learn something new, as I do every day. I like Sci-Fi scenes, I have not learned much, but I try my best every day. You can do the same, just take the time to look at the tutorials that pxleyes, provides for you, and you will be amazed of all the talent that we have in this site.

Do not hesitate to ask for help, this is the only way you will learn. Read, and read again, and if you make a mistake, go back to the beginning and repeat what you learn, until you say to yourselves, " I did it". That will give you an input in your life. We, will help you with ideas, and if you have any problems following my tutorials, just contact me, please, I will be happy to help.

Good luck in your path through Art.


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Thank you Driven.... Comment appreciated.

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Alan2641 says:

Clear well written and great result

(5 years and 1447 days ago)
avatar George55
George55 says:

Thanks Alan.... As always....I appreciate your comments.

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I agree with Alan, great job on this! Good luck

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Thanks Cabldawg71....Comment appreciated too.

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Good job my friend.... Lot's of tips and techniques.... (don't have a pc to try it... ) good luck to you

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Very detailed and informative tutorial, love the way you did the clear dome.

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i think this is not a good tutorial...this is a very good tutorial George.
well explained and beautiful result.!!
best of luck my friend

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Anoop: Sorry about your pc. Hope you get another soon. Thanks for support.

Ichapell: Comment appreciated. Thanks.

Kushpatel: I feel good that I can help some one. Thanks.

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very nice tut,...clearly explained. I have to try this....

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Wonderful space scene, George, many thanks for sharing with us this tut!

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Thanks Cornelia.....Dekwid. Appreciate your comments.

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Sorry... this tutorial was not approved. Probably it was not good enough to go through.

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