Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Beautiful Fantasy Angel

In this tutorial, I will show a variety of transforming, color and lightning techniques, combined with basic painting and burn and dodge tools, to create a fantasy manipulation image in photoshop.

Mostly the use of the technique dealing with transforming and other tools in photoshop are experimental, meaning that we can use the technique to any images. All you have to do is just play or mess around to try the technique, try to combine the creativity and do experiments until you find the best results and fit to the ones desired. And because of the experimental nature of the technique, do not limit yourself with the expectation to recreate the exact manipulation image as the one's been created here.
This tutorial is just the key to open your creativity.

In general, this tutorial covers three main part:
1. The making of the angel figure with her accessories shown in step 1 to 13
2. The making of the tree in step 14
3. The making of the background

The following stock images are needed for this tutorial:
1. Zen Branch
2. Morning Mist
3. Models
4. Halloween
5. Pencils

End result:
Create a Beautiful Fantasy Angel Final Image

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Practice tutorial

Step 1

Before I go further discussing this tutorial, firstly I want to introduce you some pictures of girls used to create the angel here, they are real angel, aren’t they ?...I will cut out some part of the girls' outfits to be manipulated into an angel

Step 2

Now we start the work. First of all we have to determine the pose of the angel we want to create. In this tutorial, I have done the outline of the angel filled with colour which is the sample colour taken form the girl’s cheek.

Step 3

In this step, I decided to put a head on the outline first. Crop the head using pen tool by tracing the entire head area of the girl image and then right click on the image when the path is closed and choose make selection option on the window displayed. Just duplicate (Ctrl+J) the girl layer with the head part selected and then hide the girl layer by clicking the eye icon on the right side of it.

Step 4

Now we have the head separated from the main picture. The next step is give whirls on hair, this can be done by smudge tool with very small soft brush at 60-75% strength. Apply this brush to every edge of the hair.

Step 5

When we have done with the hair, place the head on the outline. Remember to scale the size of the head to fit the outline proportionally .

Step 6

Now we need dress for the outline to complete the angel. Cut out the dress from the girl image provided. Just duplicate (Ctrl+J) the cut out four times.Select the free transform tool (Ctrl+T) and when it is selected, there will be an option bar for the free transform tool located in the upper left corner of the canvas. Press the wrap icon and when wrap is selected, the image effected by the wrap will be indicated by rectangles on it and some dragging points around the rectangles.Be ready to modify the four duplications of the cut out. Click and drag the rectangles or the dragging points to the directions you want to create shapes. Please see the illustration picture below…

Step 7

Open the other two girls pictures provided, and cut out part of the girl’ dress to add more outfits to cover chest and waist area. The main activities on this step are still wrapping and scaling to follow the outline of the angel.

Step 8

I want the angel wearing boots, so now we are going to prepare them. I choose one of the girl pictures using boots as reference to draw the boots. I made the scratch first, then outlined it, after that filled the outline with color. See the illustration. Finally with combination uses of dodge and burn tool, I define the details of them.

Step 9

Next is giving touch to her skin. Start by applying burn tool of soft round brush at very low exposure ( 5-9 ) to the areas pointed by the black arrows.

Set the foreground color with 9c9b9b and the background with e6e3e3 and then duplicate the outline layer, with the duplication selected, go to filter > noise >add noise to give it noise and set the blending of this layer to overlay 100% opacity.

Step 10

Now we come to the most fun part of the entire creation is that making the wings for the angel. Just open the source picture given, cut out some part of it. Duplicate the cut out four times and the arrange them to get the shape as shown this picture.

Step 11

Give a bit motion blur (filter>blur>motion blur) to the shape with angle of 0 and 28 pxl distance. Now just start messing around again with wrapping until you find desired shapes needed to create the wings as shown in the picture.

Step 12

These are the wings formed by arranging some wrapped shapes and do masking to some unnecessary parts.

Step 13

you can see the application of the wings on the angel and pxleyes birdies…

Step 14

The idea of this work is creating dreamy fantasy scene, so I want the angel stay in a high place. The first thing coming to my mind was a big tree. Create a new document (Ctrl+N). Now select the Brush Tool (B) and then go to Window > Brushes, or press the F5 key to show the brush panel. In the brush panel, do setting for the brush stroke used to create the tree and branches by determining the shape dynamics. Set the foreground color to 24251f, on the new document start painting tree with some branches. Remember to change the brush size and the amount of fade control for the brush (between 100-500). After painting the tree, paint over the tree and branches with burn and dodge tool to give it the details ( see step 8).

Step 15

The last part of this work is creating the background. Create a new canvas (Ctrl+N) of 2600 pxl wide and 3400 pxl high. Duplicate the canvas and give it filter cloud of # a8a7a5 foreground and e6e3e3 background (filter>render>cloud). Transform the cloud layer ( wrapping ) and then re-size it to fit the canvas, set the blending to 50 % normal. Duplicate the cloud layer and give it layer mask to hide some area from upper right down to the middle, set the blending of it to multiply at 60 % opacity. Next open the sky image, set it to overlay blending at 55% opacity. With the sky layer selected, create new adjustment layer ( channel mixer ) and give it clipping mask. Do some masking on the channel mixer from the upper area to the left. After that, create another new layer, fill it with black of 100% color dodge blending. Apply soft brush of very low opacity ( 10 % ) with yellowish white color on the middle of the canvas down to lower part to set the lightning. Finally duplicate the color dodge layer and set the duplication to soft light of 60 % opacity.

Step 16

With ellipse tool, create round shape of # f2ca65 in the middle of the canvas and resterize it. Give it layer style outer glow and inner glow ( layer>layer style), and then masking the right part of the round shape ( moon ) and set the blending to colour, just duplicate the moon layer one time and set the duplication to multiply of 100% opacity.

Step 17

The next step is to place the tree and branches image to the canvas. See the illustration below to see the positions of them.

Step 18

This is the image will look like after given a new adjustment layer ( channel mixer )

Step 19

The last step to complete the composition of the scene is placing the angel in such way to fit the tree on which she stay. And to give more warm night mood I just add above all layers gradient map at 40% opacity normal blending.

Step 20

Open morning mist picture and make it the top most layer, resize by scaling it to fit the canvas and set it to>strong> overlay 100%. Do masking to this layer on the upper right area down to the middle. Finally add gradient map as the one on step 19 but set it to 20% overlay.

Step 21

Adding some birds to the canvas. Duplicate the bird layer into several other layers. Re-size and place the duplication layers as needed.

Step 22

Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N). Fill the layer with black and set its blending to color dodge at 100% opacity. Then, select soft round brush tool with very low opacity (around 5-7 pxl). With color #fed202, stroke the brush to the area on the canvas as pointed in the circle. See the illustration image below..

Step 23

Well, we have finished the tutorial. This is the final result I created. Thanks for visiting this tutorial....HAPPY PHOTOSHOPPING to you all.

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wow thanks for detailed explanation!well done!

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Beautiful tutorial and result, many thanks for sharing your skills with us

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Superb job my friend....... loved it before.... still loving it

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Very informative and inspirational. It shows how to go beyond photo references and create an individual look. Well done!

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Great tutorial

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Nice Job

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Amazing work. But i cant seem to get my brush like you say. For the hair that is. What are the numbers? How do i make it so soft and smooth?

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