Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Fantasy Scene with a Sorceress and Tree Monster

This tutorial shows the evolution process in one of my works.
In the tutorial you'll learn how to transform a normal photo of a woman walking in the park into a fantasy image of a sorceress facing a tree monster. Some basic photoshop knowledge is required to follow this tutorial.

I've used photoshop CS5 to create this image.

The only source used was the image "park walk" provided by pxleyes.

End result:
Create a Fantasy Scene with a Sorceress and Tree Monster Final Image

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Practice tutorial


Step 1

1. Create a new document 1000 * 800.

2. Go to the source image provided by Pxleyes and cut out a part of tree to make the horns of our creature. You can download the high resolution version of this image HERE.

Step 2

1. Now you have the first horn of the creature in a layer.

2. Duplicate the layer; this new layer will be the second horn, apply WARP to make some form variations in the second horn.

Step 3

Cut out another tree part to make the face's texture.

Step 4

1. Take the little tree part, and duplicate it twice.

2. Take the 3 layers, merge them to make a bigger tree texture.

3. Put the merged layer below the horns.

Step 5

1. Now you must take the layer that you made before; duplicate it twice.

2. Merge the 3 layers and you will finish the face's base.

Step 6

Go to the Source Image, cut out another tree part to make an extra horn.

Step 7

1. Cut out a part of tree from the source image, a little part, and give it irregular form to make the eye.

2. Duplicate the layer and you will have the second eye.

3. Take 1 eye and duplicate it 3 times; merge the 3 new layers to make the mouth.

4. Place correctly the eyes and the mouth and then merge them.

5. Make this layer darker. (brightness - 50)

6. The new layer must be in HARD LIGHT mode.

Step 8

Cut out another tree part from the source pic, a large one, to make the arms and legs.

Step 9

1. Apply WARP to give a curve to the figure.

2. Duplicate it and you will have the 2 arms.

Step 10

1. Split the second arm in 2 parts (Do the selection, Ctrl X and Ctrl V) Now you will have 2 layers.

2. Grab the second layer, rotate it and then merge it with the first layer to complete the second arm in other position.

Step 11

1. Take the first arm and duplicate it.

2. Invert the new layer, apply WARP to give it leg form.

3. Duplicate the layer and you will have the 2 legs.

Step 12

1. Cut out the left area from the source image to make the background.

2. Place it in the canvas and apply Gaussian Blur (+4) to give DoF (depth of field).

Step 13

Cut out again an area from the left part in the source image to make the floor.

Step 14

1. Cut out the woman from the source image.

2. Put the woman in the scenario.

Step 15

From the woman's clothes in the source image, draw and cut out a long dress to our sorceress.

Step 16

1. Make the background darker (Give it the minimum Brightness and raise its contrast).

2. Cut out from the source image 2 little tree parts to make the magic wand.

Step 17

1. Take the 2 layers and make the magic wand (use WARP if needed).

2. Merge the 2 layers.

3. Now you will have the magic wand. Give some brightness to the wand and change its color to yellow/orange.

Step 18

The creature looks simple now, then you must cut out different tree parts from the source image to make details like fingers, horns and spikes in the creature's body.

Step 19

The light source will be the magic wand.

With the DODGE tool apply the lights to the image. Layer by layer.

Step 20

Now, with the BURN tool, apply the shadows to the image. Layer by layer too.

Step 21

It's time to make one of the slower steps here.

With Tablet and Pen; you must create hair in the creature's body with the pencil tool,
size 1 PX, opacity 100 and changing its color every time is needed.

Step 22

Now, we need the magic wand's light.

1. Make a circle with the pencil tool in white color.

2. Apply Gaussian Blur and duplicate the layer.

3. Apply Gaussian Blur to the new layer and duplicate it again.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, 4 times.

5. Merge all the layers you created in this step and you will have a glow layer.

6. With the pencil tool in white color, you must create little "lightnings" in the center of the wand.

Step 23

Finally, you must make the missing shadows and final touches and it's done!!

Thank you for the attention.

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avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Very cool tutorial = )

(5 years and 2141 days ago)
avatar Zakfuego
Zakfuego says:

Thank you, I apreciate your comment

(5 years and 2141 days ago)
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[banned] says:

I have learn something from it. thnks for sharing

(5 years and 2135 days ago)
avatar George55
George55 says:

very nice and informative tutorial.....thank you.

(5 years and 2134 days ago)
avatar Zakfuego
Zakfuego says:

Thank you for the support George!

(5 years and 2132 days ago)
avatar birdhm
birdhm says:

Great Job, I learned a lot from this. Thank you!

(5 years and 2122 days ago)
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[banned] says:

nice but little bit confusing in last step of lighting on stick

(5 years and 2099 days ago)
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[banned] says:

Excellent ork, Keep it like this!

(5 years and 2097 days ago)
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Guest says:

Very cool. I'm such a fan of any forest monsters ha ha. Moving trees have that wonderful creepy appeal.

(5 years and 2085 days ago)
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Guest says:

This is simply awesome, what a fantastic concept & creation. I will be trying this tutorial out asap. Thankyou!!!

(5 years and 2077 days ago)
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[banned] says:

waw no comment

(5 years and 2033 days ago)
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Guest says:

very amazing

(5 years and 1864 days ago)
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najam says:

its really a very good and nice tutorial .

(5 years and 1857 days ago)
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Guest says:

Clear, informative, smpile. Could I send you some e-hugs?

(5 years and 1784 days ago)

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