Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior From a Stone Statue

In this tutorial, we're going to create an awesome science fiction warrior in the middle of an epic war scene! Drawing techniques were used for the warrior... Then pen tool for masking... and hard rounded brush for detailing.

Let's get started!

End result:
How to Create a Futuristic Sci-fi Warrior From a Stone Statue Final Image

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Practice tutorial


Step 1

This is the detailed sketch of the main character. I used PS pencil tool to draw sketches. Always start with a big canvas, so that we can work with minute details. I usually work in a A3 canvas. You can download the sketch in high resolution from here.

Step 2

The source image I used to create the battle scene. I used the head, body parts, sky and else is painted.

Download the high resolution of the stone face: HERE.

Check out all the entries in the stone face contest.

Step 3

Now, mask out the parts from source image. We can see that shades and highlights are already there. I have marked the highlight parts in yellow, and shades in red.

Step 4

I used the head from the source image as it is. Pen tool is the best fore masking accurately, I added a feather radius of 1.
short cut for feather is ctrl+alt+d

Step 5

Masked out the parts from the source image. Which is going to be used as the character body parts.

Step 6

Start placing the source parts. Remember to place it under the sketch layer.

Step 7

Take the pen tool and delete the source parts that are out side of the sketch. Be accurate in this step.

Step 8

This is the process how I added details for each body part.
1.Create a new layer with blend mode 'multiply' . Choose a small hard brush (2-4px according to the area) with a dark color (black or almost black), sketch the details.
2. Create another layer with blend mode overlay. With a white color I added lighting details.
3. For highlights, I created another layer with blend mode normal and placed it between the 'overlay' and 'multiply' layers. With a low opacity brush, using white color I added highlights.

Step 9

Continue adding source parts on the character. Work on the top half.

Step 10

More work on the stomach. Used the pen tool to get the shapes.

Step 11

adding details on lateral side.

Step 12

For making the helmet.
1. Create the shape using pen tool.
2. Created a new layer with blend mode 'overlay' for light details.
3. Created another layer in blend mode 'multiply' for shading.

Step 13

Continued the same process to make the thighs and legs.

Step 14

More detailing and shading.

Step 15

The finished figure of character.

Step 16

Painting techniques used here to make the background. I took a chalk brush and changed the opacity low and high alternatively.

Step 17

This is how I made the ufo.
Also the details in background. I made two new layers. One in overlay mode for lighting effects and another in multiply mode for shading effects.

Step 18

Here is the final result.

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avatar nishagandhi

nicely explained!! great tutorial

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Very well explained.... GREAT TUT

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar dekwid
dekwid says:

this is what I am waiting for,... now it is here,....wonderful.....

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar niks1351
niks1351 says:

nice to see it.....its an awesome tutorial

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar arca
arca says:

Amazing work ... wonderful tutorial. Really covers the whole process and is easy to follow.

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar LKY
LKY says:

gr8 work. This tut deserves high votes

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar CorneliaMladenova

Wow! Fantastic tutorial! Thank you very much, Anoop!

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar George55
George55 says:

Thanks Anoop..... I will check it in I would like to do something like this.

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

well done .............. very detailed explanation ........... nice job ........

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar shaiju1974

nice tutorial!!

(5 years and 1868 days ago)
avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

It's a really nice tut, and shows all your talent! It's amazing that everything (the warrior, the UFO) was made from the statue. Background was also beautifully painted... I think if I can do something like that... Congrats!

(5 years and 1867 days ago)
no avatar

Wow man!! very good!

(5 years and 1853 days ago)
avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

Awesome, looks like it took some good time = )

(5 years and 1847 days ago)
avatar birdhm
birdhm says:

Fantastic Work!

(5 years and 1839 days ago)
avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

You're a very talented artist! Brilliant tutorial.

(5 years and 1780 days ago)
no avatar
[banned] says:

This is a really cool tutorial! Thank you for the info.

(5 years and 1761 days ago)
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Guest says:


(5 years and 1131 days ago)

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