Photoshop Tutorial: How To Setup Photoshop To Make Images For The Art Grid

This tutorial is designed to make your set up and transitions of your Art Grid image simpler.
It is a follow on tutorial to the one posted by Lelaina. This is not to show you how to blend images, but the more technical side of the set up of the image.

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Step 1

The first step is to go to the art grid page More>Art Grid.
Next we shall choose a place to lock. I have selected one which many images already posted around it so that the setup explanation will make more sense. I have selected the circled space which can still be locked.

Step 2

We will start by creating a new document 3000x3000 pixels in Photoshop.
Next we shall click on all the surrounding images on the Art Grid so as to open their high resolution (1000x1000) images. In this case there are five.
You must make sure that "Snap" is ticked. This can be found by clicking on View and then Snap. Copy paste all the relevant images and place them into position.

Step 3

Once they are all in position, click on the first of the imported images (highlight the layer) and click on the lock symbol which I have circled. This will lock the layer and not allow you to edit it. Do this to all the imported layers until you see locks on them as I have displayed.
You can unlock the background layer if you intend to work with it. Just double click on it and a box will open with "Layer 0". Just click OK.

Step 4

We will add some guides now just to be sure where the boundaries of our images are.
Click on View>New Guide and with Vertical selected and 0cm, just click OK. Using the move tool place it at the right hand edge of the left images. It should snap into position. Repeat this process and move the next guide to the left of the right hand images. Do the same using the horizontal guides, snapping them to the tops and bottoms.
Now you should clearly see the borders of the nine squares.
To make sure that your centre is 1000x1000, using the crop tool crop the centre square. Then go to Image>Image Size and check that it is 1000x1000 pixels. Using the history just undo the crop step.

Step 5

Now is time to finally start working on your composition. I have imported my avatar as an example and placed it in the middle. You must move this layer below all the locked layers. With your layer below the others and those layers locked, your transitions if done correctly should be seamless. If you see them clearly on your screen then that is how it will look when it is uploaded.

Step 6

Continue to edit your image but remember that any additional layers must remain below the locked layers. The previous Art Grid tutorial by Lelaina gives examples of how to edit your image. Beginners or Art Grid novices should take the time to read it.
Once you have finished doing your edit, save your PSD file and then crop the image. Set the crop tool to 1000x1000 and keep it inside the guides. Once cropped just check that the image is 1000x1000 pixels before uploading. Save this to a JPEG file and submit.
Good luck with it and have fun.
This tutorial was created in memory of my dear friend Sirchopsalot who assisted many when we created our original Art Grid at


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Christy says:

Very helpful...Thanks

(5 years and 2272 days ago)
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roushankumar [banned] says:

quite helpful...thanks

(5 years and 2243 days ago)
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thanks i was wondering how to do this

(5 years and 2242 days ago)
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k5683 says:

I don't know why mine didn't come out seamless I must have done something wrong.

(5 years and 2227 days ago)
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What is W.F.A. appears in image window?

(5 years and 2186 days ago)
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macarhign says:

i think WFA means Waiting For Approval

(5 years and 1721 days ago)

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