Photoshop Tutorial: How The Art Grid Works

This tutorial will explain you, how you can succesfully participate in the art grid and how to create images for it. We will also point out a few aspects you're gonna have to keep in mind when preparing your image. For the technical aspects (Eg. How to setup your layers in Photoshop), make sure to also read this follow-up tutorial, written by solkee: How To Setup Photoshop To Make Images For The Art Grid.

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Step 1

There are 4 major things you should keep in mind when you want to work on the art grid:

1) You can only lock on spot at the same time.
2) You have 72 hours to submit your image. If you don't upload it within that time, your spot will be unlocked.
3) Your image size has to be exactly 1000px * 1000px.
4) You have to make smooth transitions between the images. The final image will be one big image, made out of several small ones.

First of all you have to look at the free spots, that are available. You can see the available spots next to the images.
In this example you are able to add something to all spots that are labeled with "lock", because no one else is working on those yet.

Step 2

If you see this on the other hand: you can only lock the spot at the top and at the bottom, because there are two other members working on something. The direct spots next to them are blocked now, so there is no interference.

Step 3

After you locked a spot, you see what is marked red here. Keep in mind, that you can only lock one spot at the same time.

Step 4

I'll explain the next steps with the image I made already, the flower that is located over the outlet.

Step 5

What you have to do first is click the image you are working on. It will open in a new window and you can save it then. In this example it is the outlet.

Step 6

All images in the art grid need to be 1000px*1000px in size. No other size is accepted.
The easiest thing now is to open this image in Photoshop and expand the canvas with 1000px height. This way you still see the image you are working on and you can cleary see, how much space you have for your image.

Step 7

And now the important part starts. In the end the art grid shall be one big image made out of several small images. This means of course, that the transitions need to be smooth.
There are several ways to do that, so you can do it in your own way too of course. This here is just an example now. It shall just give you the idea.
First of all I rotated the image 180° and flipped it horizontally, what gives you this:

Step 8

This makes the transition already pretty smooth, as you see here. The white line shows the border of the two images.

Step 9

What I didn't like though was the leaf in the the middle, that looks obviously mirrored and the missing stem. So I copied a part of another leaf and the stem and added both to the mirrored leaf. Now you not only have a smooth transition between the original image and the one you created, but also the important part of the transition in the middle not looking mirrored.

Step 10

After this is done, you can do with the rest of the image whatever you want.
I decided to add a flower at the top, a butterfly and a balloon.
If someone locks the spot on the left side of my image now, there need to be a smooth transition between the sky, the green part and the butterfly. You can't just add another sky and another butterfly, because that wouldn't blend.

Step 11

Keep in mind, that this gets harder the more images are uploaded.
The red square shall mark the spot you want to lock. Now you have two images you need to work with, because you need a smooth transition between the one over it and the one on the right side.

Step 12

After you are finished with your image, click "submit" on the spot you have locked and you are redirected to the upload page. Upload your image there.
You will see "w.f.a" written on that spot then, what means that you have to wait untill the admin approves or declines your image.
If everything is ok and well blended, he will approve it and you will be able to see it in the art grid.

And now lock a spot and have a lot of fun!


avatar jamespaul
jamespaul says:

this is goin to b lotza fun

(5 years and 2218 days ago)
avatar Mad
Mad says:

Could you mention how long the wait for approval takes? Thanks!

(5 years and 2102 days ago)
avatar jeddazen
jeddazen says:

i want to resubmit my entry for the art grid as i realised after i made it i could do much better and have remade it ... how can i do that?

(5 years and 2065 days ago)
avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

@Mad: sorry for the late answer, I didn't check my comments here. It depends on how busy the admin is. He approves the art grid images

@jeddazen: you can't resubmit it, if you uploaded it already. If the admin declines it, you can lock the spot again and try it with the new image

(5 years and 2063 days ago)

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