Photoshop Tutorial: Draw an Old House from Scratch

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to draw old house. It's easy, but it takes some time to do it. I used photoshop cs3. Have fun!

End result:
Draw an Old House from Scratch Final Image

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Step 1

Open a new file. Select background and foreground colour brown (like in the image below).
Go to filter/render/clouds. Now, use Add Noise filter.

Step 2

For noise filter use (amount 4 and select uniform). Now, go to Motion blur filter..

Step 3

In motion blur filter, angle is 33 and distance 42px. In liquify filter use Twirl clockwise tool. You'll get something like in the image below.

Step 4

Open new file 3000x2000px and draw house (use brush tool or pen tool...)

Step 5

From the first file, copy a part of it and add it to a new file. Copy that part (wooden board) to make the bottom of the house.

Step 6

Use hue/saturation (hue +6, saturation +41, lightness +9) to change the colour of the "wood" for the top part of the house...

Step 7

Marge layers and put the in the right place. Use erase tool ro pen tool to erase unnecessary parts..

Step 8


Step 9

In the same file where you created wood texture, use hue/saturation(300,23,7) to change the colour. When you pick the colour, copy it to a "house" file and place it beside the lines...

Step 10


Step 11

Roof. Open a new file, use rectangle tool and drow a shape like in the image below (1). Paint it red, add noise(amount 9.51%, uniform) (2). Use gaussian blur (radius 11.1px) (3,4)..

Step 12

Copy this shape to a "house" file and place it on it's place - on the roof...

Step 13

Put all roof layers in the group (for easier working), add drop shadow (opacity 75%, angle 120, distance 5, spread 4, size 5)...

Step 14

Marge all layers. Use Burn and dodge tools on parts of the house like in the image below...

Step 15

To draw dark windows, on a new layerdraw shapes and paint them black. This layer must be below "house" layer.

Step 16

For grass, create a new layer, select fore/background green (like in the image below, and simply draw the grass with brush tool(dune grass)... For the sky, select foreground colour blue, and background white and use gradient tool.
For sun, use lens flare filter (50-300mm zoom).

Step 17

This is the final result. I hope someone will find this usefull. Have fun! Thanks for your time!


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very usefull to get a knowledge

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Increíble, Me ha gustado mucho. Lástima que mis conocimientos en photoshop todavía no son los suficientes para poder llevarlo a la práctica.
Un saludo

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