Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Scary Cartoon Image

This tutorial will show you how to create a cemetery cartoon scene Photoshop. I used CS 4, but you can use older version as well.
Our scene will contain dark colors and an death characters.
You'll need only 1 source image for this tutorial... Download it HERE.

I'll teach you things like:
* How to do shadows and highlights in simple way.
* How to paint a simple forms of trees on the background.
* How to work with the Smudge Tool.
* Select an area with the pen tool...
* ...and many more!

Enjoy this Tutorial! Good Luck!

End result:
Create a Scary Cartoon Image Final Image

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Step 1

Step 1: "Document"

At first open your Adobe Photoshop Software and create a New Document to do this press (Ctrl+N).

Settings change to your own.

I prefer these resolutions:

Name: Cementary Cartoon Image
Width: 4000 pixels
Height: 1626 pixels
Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

Step 2

Step 2: "Background"

If you'll have a order in your document you need to click on this "new group" symbol below.
View the image.

Name these groups (Background, Fence, Cementary, Teacher and School for example) and start to add new layers there.

At first start with a background.

Take Paint Bucket Tool (G) -> Color: Black -> Use on the Layer -> Take Brush Tool (G) (Hardness: 0%) and create a background like this one.

Call this layer "Background".

Step 3

Step 3: "Clouds"

Create a new Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N).

Name it "Clouds".

Take Paint Bucket Tool (G) and use on the layer.

Go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds.

Set Blend Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 50%.

Now create a Moon with the Pen Tool (P).

Duplicate it (Ctrl+J).

Transform it (Ctrl+T) (or create a white circle there) -> go to Filter -> Gaussian Blur -> 90 pixels -> OK.

Step 4

Step 4: "Floor"

Create next new layer and name It "Floor".

Check out the colors.
(They must be Black and White!)

Fill black this layer, to do this press (Shift+F5).

Go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise. (Amount: 120%, Distribution: Uniform).

Take Soft Eraser Tool (E) (Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 50%) and use it over the Noise layer.

Move it from the left to the right side.
View the image below.

Step 5

Step 5: "Source image - Chair"

In this step you'll only need the Chair from the source image that you've downloaded.

Open the source image in your photoshop and take Pen Tool (P).

Select the chair with Pen Tool (P) like this.

Then right click on it -> Make Selection... -> Feather Radius: 0 pixels -> Ok -> Click on the source layer -> Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V.

You'll get an chair object.
Import it to your "Cementary Cartoon Image" document.

Step 6

Step 6: "Fence"

Go to "Fence" group and start to create new layers in your document.

You'll need chair object for this step also copy and paste it.

To get a gray chair you'll only need to select it -> then press (Ctrl+Shift+U) -> and make the object darker with (Ctrl+M).

Cut out the piece of the chair.

Move 180° and Transform it to this shown position (Ctrl+T).

Duplicate this Layer to make it more.

Merge with pressing (Ctrl+E).

Use Eraser Tool on the fence, if you want to make the fence more invisible.

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur -> 2 pixels -> Ok.

View the image below.

Step 7

Step 7: "Light on the fence"

For this step use only a Brush Tool (B).

Select the Fence with pressing on the thumbnail of the layer and use Soft Brush Tool on it (B) in right postions.

Then press (Ctrl+T) to transform the fence -> right click of the mouse on the Fence -> choose Warp and transform the fence like this.

Step 8

Step 8: "Trees"

The first thing that you must do is go to the Cementary group and to create new layer there with the name "Tree 1".

Paint a black small square with the Brush Tool (B) on the image.

Use Smudge Tool (Strenght: 90-95%) on it, however you must move it upwards and to the sides.

Duplicate (Ctrl+J) this "Tree 1" layer one time then go to Filter -> Render -> Fibers...

Choose your favourite fiber (Variance: 17, Strenght: 5) with pressing on Randomize.

Change blend mode to overlay -> Merge these layers (Ctrl+E) -> Select it -> use Brush Tool (B) on the left sides on the tree.
(Hightlights of the tree)

Duplicate this layer, call it "Tree 2" and move to the left side of your document.

View the image below how do this.

Step 9

Step 9: "Cementary"

This step show you how to create the Cementary.

At first import the chair image.

Then cut out this piece with using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and name this layer "Grove".

Select the chair piece -> Press (Ctrl+Shift+U) -> (Ctrl+T) -> change the perspective of it like this -> Smudge Tool -> Press (Ctrl+M) to change the curves -> finally add R.I.P text.
(I took papyrus font, but you can take another font that you like)

Create "ever-burning fire" and "fire" with using Brush Tool (B).

If you want to know how to create the "fire" and "ever-burning fire", you'll need check out the image below.

Create a light effect for the "ever-burning fires". (Red-Orange combination colors are nice)

Merge all layers (Ctrl+E) -> Duplicate so much times this layer as you want

The result of the cementary below.

Step 10

Step 10: "Cross"

You can create a Cross finally. (For a better look)

Create a simple form of a cross + Gaussian Blur (4 pixels).

Select all objects and use Brush Tool (B) for the highlights and shadows on these objects.

For highlight use white and for shadows black colors. (Opacity 40% Hardness: 20%)

Step 11

Step 11: "Skeletons"

Change group to the "School" group.

Import the chair for this step once again.

Duplicate this "Chair" Layer -> Select it -> (Ctrl+Shift+U) -> Overlay -> (Ctrl+E) -> (Ctrl+U) -> (Saturation: -70 and Lightness: -50). -> + Curves if you want (Ctrl+M).

To create a Skeleton you'll need white color.

Paint simle Form of the Skeleton with Pen Tool (P) like this one below.

Use Brush Tool (B) for shadows and try to get this result.

Duplicate this layer and add Fibers on it.
Set Blend Mode to Overlay then merge layers (Ctrl+E).

You'll get one Skeleton on the chair!

You'll need only to add shadows and highlights on it.
Use Dudge Tool and Brush Tool for this.

It's only one thing to do right now. Add shadows on the Floor.

Also duplicate layer -> Fill it black with pressing (Shift+F5) -> Free Transform (Opacity: 50%) and Gaussian Blur (10 pixels)... the image below will show you how to transform this.

Step 12

Step 12: "Source image - Head and Body"

Last object that you'll need in your project.

Cut out carefully with the Pen Tool (P).

Redo the step 5 here.

Step 13

Step 13: "Teacher-Deadth Character"

Now this is a long step for you to do this...but I'm sure you'll make this.

Change the "School" group to the "Teacher" group.

Start with a Head:

1) Head: Take this object and start to transform it 180° -> Erase the don't needed piece -> put a black circle created with the Ellipse Tool (U) in the inside of the object -> use Smudge Tool on it.

2-3) Sleeve: Free Transform + Warp -> Duplicate and try to get this result below.

4-5) Body: Paint this form with the Pen Tool (P) and Brush Tool (B) then use Smudge Tool on the right positions.

6-7) Hands: Pen Tool (P) -> Duplicate (Ctrl+J) -> and Smudge Tool.

8) Scythe: Use a chair piece here -> Transform/Warp + Brush Tool (B) but very soft Brush for the shadows.

9) Stick: Duplicate the chair piece -> Fill it brown -> do like these steps as on the picture.

Step 14

Step 14: "Shadow"

Take the "Teacher" Layer.

Then duplicate this Layer one time.

Press (Shift+F5) (color black), set blend mode to Soft Light and change Opacity to 60%.

Merge these Layers (Ctrl+E).

So copy this layer once again and try to fill this Layer with pressing (Ctrl+F5) -> color Black -> OK. You'll get this one.

Change opacity to 50% and use Gaussian Blur (7-9 pixels) on it.

The shadow will be done right now.

Step 15

Step 15: "Moon light effect"

If you need a better effect of the light from the moon, simply use a Brush Tool (B) on the image (Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 70%, Color: White).

Create thereto a new layer in the "Background" group and name it "Moon light"

View the image below.

Use Dudge Tool (O) on all needed Objects that you've created, e.g on the ever-burning fire finally.

You can make the "Teacher" some invisible as ghost, take in addition only Eraser Tool (E).

Change curves to your own. (Ctrl+M)

Step 16

Step 16: "The Result"

Thank you!
That's the final result!

I hope you have enjoyed all these steps in my tutorial.

Good luck in your own work.

Many thanks once again for reading!


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