Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Funny Farmer Caricature

In this tutorial I'm going to explain how I create a happy farmer caricature image. It's quite a lot of work to create this image, but I believe everyone can do this and learn something new here. You'll learn all kinds of techniques in this tutorial.
I used Photoshop CS4 to write this tutorial but this tutorial can be done in any version of Photoshop.

You'll need only one start image, which you can download in ultra high resolution here:

Good luck!

End result:
How to Create a Funny Farmer Caricature Final Image

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Practice tutorial


Step 1

At first open your Photoshop and create a new document to do this press (Ctrl+N).
Settings change to your own. I prefer these resolutions:

Name: Happy Farmer
Width: 3000 pixels
Height: 3000 pixels
Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

Step 2

If you'll have a order you need to click on this "new group" symbol below.
Name these groups and start to add new layers there.
So start with a background.
Take Gradient Tool (G) -> go to gradient editor -> change colors to blue-white -> create a background like this one.
Call this layer "Background".

Step 3

Start to create a background details like road etc.
Open your Tractor Image .
Cut out this Red Squares with Rectangular Marquee Tool .
Press (Ctrl+C) and go to your Happy Farmer document.

Step 4

Name one layer "Road".
Go to this layer and press (Ctrl+T) .
Now hold (Ctrl + left click) to try to change a perspective of the road like this on the picture below.
Take the second object and name it "Hay".
Use Eraser Tool around the not used surface of the object.
Press (Ctrl+U) -> Hue: change the color to yellow -> use Smudge Tool like this on the image below.

Step 5

Move these "Hays" layers to the positions.
Take the "Road" layer again and select it with (Ctrl+left click on the Thumbnail of the layer).
Then press (Ctrl+U) -> change Curves and go to Image -> Adjustments -> Vibrance .
There try to get this result.

Step 6

Now start to create a "Cartoon Tractor".
To do this you need to open the Tractor Image once again.
Cut out this 11 Red Selected Fields and Import these to your psd-document.
Use these keys (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V)

Step 7

Okay now.
Start with the first object that you'll have cut out.
All unnecessary surfaces of the objects needs to be erased.
View the image below.
Use Eraser Tool (also for all objects!)
For "Warp" press (Ctrl+T) -> right click of the mouse -> Warp
Use Clone Stamp Tool for objects 3 and 4.

Step 8

Here you can see all items that you need for your tractor.
Move these items to the right positions: view the image below.
It's your idea how you'll assemble the tractor.
Be creative and have fun!

Step 9

And now you have almost ready your tractor.
But you need to create some important details.
Start with a "Lamp".
Use Ellipse Tool (U) to create a Lamp.
Then take Brush Tool (Grey color) and paint some lines.
Copy it and move it to the next grey circle.
Except create two squares (mirrors) with the Rounded Rectangle Tool like this in the image below.

Step 10

This step will show you how to create a Smoke from scratch.
You must to take Soft Brush Tool (Hardness: 0%, Grey - White colors) for this step.
Then use Smudge Tool (Strenght: 20-35%, Hardness: 0-20%).
Look the end result of the smoke.

Step 11

Add shadows and light to the objects.
Select the objects with (Ctrl+left click on the thumbnail of the selected layer).
Use Dudge Tool to one of your chosen item.
At next add some shadows and light with Brush Tool (Opacity:50%, Hardness: 20%).
Change the perspective of some objects.
Press (Ctrl+T) -> Right Click -> Warp.

Step 12

Now you must decide from where the light comes.
The light comes from the left side in my image.
You'll need to take care of shadows.
Shadows add with Brush Tool (Opacity: 50% Hardness: 10%)
The road need some light.
Do this with a Soft Brush Tool.
Be carefully with the Hay.
First take this Hay -> use Smudge Tool -> select it -> use Bush Tool on it -> move to these positions. Done!
You'll get this end result of the old cartoon tractor.
For me looks not bad. But you can change colors and perspective of the tractor anytime.

Step 13

Now start with a new "Group" because it's time to create a Happy Farmer Caricature . That's fun!
You don't need many tools to create a cool caricature.
For example I used only Brush and Smudge Tool to do this.
First thing draw a Farmer from scratch.
Create a simple Head-form with Brush Tool .
Ears create separate.
Take ear -> select it -> use Soft Brush Tool (4 colors) -> use Smudge Tool.

Step 14

Clone the ear one time (Ctrl+J) and move it to the follow position.
Add some shadows, lines and anything what you'll need.
Everything what you do on the face are made with Brush Tool and Smudge Tool.

Step 15

Create a new layer and call it "Nose".
Take Brush Tool and draw a sketch like this one.
Choose 3 colors to paint the nose + 2 colors for shadows of the nose.
Also try to get this with Smudge Tool and Soft Brush Tool.

Step 16

Press (Ctrl+Shift+N) to create a new layer and name it "Eyes".
Paint with Brush Tool .
It's very simple to do all these things bacause they are small.
Then use Smudge Tool on the left and right side of the eyes.
I've created very easily pair eyes. Move these eyes to the follow positions.
Now create a New Layer once again and name it "Lips".
Create the lips as in image below.
Change Opacity to 50% and move it on the face.
At last add more details if you want.

Step 17

Now I'll show you how I create a face fungus, brows and mustaches of the farmer face.
Create a new layers as ever for all new items.
Press (Ctrl+Shift+N) .
Use Soft Brush Tool (Black color) -> Smudge Tool -> Select It -> Soft Brush Tool (White color) -> Smudge Tool.
For the other objects do the same.
To create a brows press (Ctrl+T) and free transform it.

Step 18

New Layer name "T-Shirt".
Use only Brush Tool (B) and Smudge Tool.
Take colors that you'll need. I took red and blue colors for this.
Create new layer name it "Hand".
Create a very small hands with Brush Tool -> copy and flip horizontal.
Good job! You've created the happy farmer!

Step 19

Now create a addon for the cartoon farmer.
This Corn is created with Pen Tool .
New Layer "Corn Cob" -> add cirrus with the Brush Tool -> Select it -> add shadows with Brush Tool (opacity:50%) -> duplicate (Ctrl+J) -> do the same and copy all duplicated layers -> press (Ctrl+T) -> Flip Horizontal .

Step 20

Open the source image once again and the last one.
Cut out this wood on the picture. (Look on the image)
Press (Ctrl+U) and try to get this result. Play with hue or paint with Brush Tool (red color) on it.
Use Clone Stamp Tool -> Try to Get this Size -> Change Opacity to 60% -> Change Blend Mode to Soft Light -> Move it.

Step 21

The last step in this tutorial is following.
Select the Farmer -> Go to the last Layer that you'll make -> Press (Shift+F7) -> Press (Delete) on your Keyboard -> View the Result.
Much better!

Step 22

Do the same in all layers but not for the tractor and background layers!.
Change curves (Ctrl+M) and Vibrance finally.
Image looks like this below.
View the end result of your work and be happy with everything what you've created!

Many thanks for your attention and reading of my tutorial.

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Terrific tutorial! It has definitely made me look at things differently, I like the way you disassemble the tractor so that you can re-assemble it! Great work, thanks for sharing your time and talent!

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