Photography Tutorial: Quick And Simple Way To Boost Your Photographs

This is a tutorial for photographers who want to give their images an extra boost.
We'll be using photoshop in this tutorial, but the effect can be achieved with other graphics programs.

End result:
Quick And Simple Way To Boost Your Photographs Final Image

avatar Lodd

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Practice tutorial


Step 1

This image doesn't look very wrong. But wait until it's edited.

Step 2

First duplicate the background layer by pressing Ctrl+J.
Then open the curves. image->adjustments->Curves or Ctrl+M.

Step 3

Make an "S-shape" with the curve. This makes the Highlights lighter and the shadows darker which adds more contrast to the whole image.

Step 4

Look! That difference is already HUGE!

Step 5

Next open up the Levels. image->adjustment->Levels or Ctrl+L
Drag the sliders to something like this. This adds even more contrast.

Step 6

Open up color balance. image->adjustments->color balance. And drag the sliders to something that looks just right for your image.

Step 7

The eyes looks a bit dark but that will be fixed now. Make a selection around the eye using lasso or pen tool.
Then right click inside the selection and choose "feathers" give it an amount of 3. This will make the selection a bit softer.

Step 8

Then open the curves again. image->adjustments->curves and make the eye as light as you want.

Step 9

The hair has a lot of BOH (blown out highlights (the highlights don't have any details at all)) this is easy to fix. First make a selection and give it a feather of 15 as in step 7.

Step 10

Open up the curves once again and drag it downwards to make the middletones darker.

Step 11

11. Now we will fix this "baby-acne" This is done by opening the tool "smart healing brush".
Now choose a soft brush and a good size by rightclicking anywhere and then just press on what you want to remove.

Step 12

Smooth as a baby butt :)

Step 13

Now make a selection around the lollipop. Add feather if the object has a soft edge.

Step 14

Drag down the curve to give it more contrast.

Step 15

Press Ctrl+alt+c to open up this dialog. Make sure "relative" is checked and insert a number. 0,5 cm in each worked good on this image.

Step 16

Now you have a 0,5 cm frame arond the whole image.

Step 17

That difference is HUGE!

Step 18

There you have one good image. This effect works for almost all photos.

This can also be done with adjustment layers and layer masks, but this was made in photoshop CS3.

Good luck choppers!

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avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Nice, clear instructions. Thanks!

(5 years and 2595 days ago)
avatar fille
fille says:

not bad, but too much work - that all is possible to make with shadows/highlight with whole picture (not detail by detail) and with better result (shadow area don't go totally dark and invisible). cheers!

(5 years and 2593 days ago)
avatar Lodd
Lodd says:

Tnx guys, Fille: i know it takes some time. but if you wants to do the image as perfect as possible it will take some time.

(5 years and 2593 days ago)
avatar fille
fille says:

actually i don't talk about time but rationality - i started too with this method, what you show here, but i found that i loose in this way some information, and needed to think out something else... but anyway is here showed some good tricks, if you need somehow very detailed work.. aaand ofcourse you know i don't attack you cheers!

(5 years and 2593 days ago)
avatar wind
wind says:

I find this very useful... Thanks!

(5 years and 2593 days ago)
avatar adeincyprus

Guys, we all have our own methods for achieving these results.........this is another good one, no one method is better than the other, it all depends on how we work individually. So, just look at it, make sensible comments, and vote on it. Well done author, I will try it! Thank you for your time and efforts.

(5 years and 2591 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

What is the best way to achieve these results with photoshop elements 2.0 (that's all I have)

(5 years and 2590 days ago)
avatar Lodd
Lodd says:

Hi guest, i don't really know since i don't have elements.
I guess you can use almost all of the methods i did.

(5 years and 2590 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

very good learn a lot

(5 years and 2589 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

thanks I'm gonna try some of your tips

(5 years and 2583 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

thankyou for sharing.

(5 years and 2548 days ago)
avatar MaRkSqUiRrEl

Nice tutorial Lodd. Well written.

(5 years and 2542 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

Not as good as i expected. It looks only 20% as beautiful after editing as would have been if i had done it. Well try kid, but brush up your talents, otherwise, you cannot convert them to the original HD image.

(5 years and 2530 days ago)
avatar Lodd
Lodd says:

I think i can make it more beatiful to Guest. tho this workflow takes minutes not hours...

(5 years and 2519 days ago)
avatar k5683
k5683 says:

very good! Simple AND QUICK! Thanks

(5 years and 2515 days ago)
avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:

great tutorial ! thanks Lodd !

(5 years and 2432 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

two thumbs up for your quick and simple tutorial!

(5 years and 2369 days ago)
avatar shanimhhs
shanimhhs says:

good tutorial

(5 years and 2048 days ago)
no avatar
Guest says:

thank you

(5 years and 1885 days ago)
no avatar
geo [banned] says:

For the first time, someone actually posted clear instructions on how to work a photograph. To all those who made smart ass comments, why don't you post your set of instructions. Until then, shut the hell up! No one cares if you have a quicker way and don't wanna share that info!

(5 years and 1572 days ago)

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