Coreldraw Tutorial: How to create a Polyorama

In this tutorial I will show you step by step process of creating a polyorama. Here you will learn to create a building, a cat, Floral patterns, heart shape and human figures in coreldraw. Its not just polyorama, in this tutorial there are sbs for creating many objects. I hope it will be helpful to you and you will create your own polyoramas.

End result:
How to create a Polyorama Final Image

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Practice tutorial

Step 1

1.First create a building:
2.Take a rectangle. Press Shift+Q. Pressing shift+Q will enable you to move the corners of the rectangle.
3.Press F10. Now you can play with the corners. Push the bottom corners little inwards.
4.Copy this rectangle by dragging it and clicking right click.
5.Press Alt+z to enable "snap to objects option"
6.Snap the corners of other rectangle so that it looks something like fig.4
7.Now fill the building front with black and its other side with grey...remove outlines

Step 2

1.Make a copy of the building front.
2.Use freehand tool to make the red blocks...I will use these blocks to make windows.
3.Select the red blocks and weld them
4.Now trim the black box as shown below.
5.We have got our windows. Now place them in the building

Step 3

Copy the building twice or thrice (according to your need)
Now place the building on a circle and fill the circle with black color

Step 4

1.First create a curve from bezier tool.
2.Copy the curve.
3.Select both curve combine them.
4.Now select the corner nodes and click "join two nodes".
5.Follow the same process for other corner nodes and here is a perfect curve...fill it with black color

Step 5

Select spiral tool by pressing "A"
Follow the same process as we did in the previous step

and here are spiral less curvy and other more curvy

Step 6

Now weld these forms to get something like this. Delete the unwanted nodes to get smooth and curvy floral pattern.

Step 7

Creating the cat's head:
First we will create its ear.
1.Take a square.
2.Smooth its opposite nodes.
3.Also adjust the size

NOTE: Copy the ear form and keep it somewhere because we will use this same from for the cat eyes

Now the head:
1.Take an ellipse.
2.Place the ears.
3.Weld the whole thing.
4.Delete the extra nodes as shown in image below.

Step 8

I have used the same steps to shape the Eyes and ears.
Rest is pretty simple.
1.Place the eyes on the head...
2.Put thin ellipse in them to show the pupil...
3.Make the outline of the eye thick and fill it with yellow color

Step 9

Use ellipse to create the neck.
To place the neck in exact center:
1.First select the head of the cat(including eyes).
2.Group it by ctrl+g.
3.Then press shift and select the neck, press C.

It will be placed in exact center

Step 10

We need only three ellipse to create cat's body....and one ellipse for the foots
1.Take an ellipse
2.Rotate it by 30 degree and copy it
3.Copy the rotated ellipse on the opposite side.
4.You will have to move and adjust them so that they look like those shown in the image.
5.Weld them. Delete any unwanted nodes.
6.Take an ellipse to create foots.

Step 11

We have created such curves before....same way to create the tail

Step 12

Place all the forms that you created on the circle.
Here is the step by step progress.
1.After placing the buildings, decorate the circle with the floral pattern.
2.Then place the cat

Step 13

That is just a random bezier....
Try to draw a lady form with bezier tool. You can always delete or add nodes.
Here I have welded a triangular form to show the leg.

Step 14

I have created a circle for head and rest is bezier

Step 15

To make heart shape:
1.Take an ellipse.
2.Copy it..
3.Arrange 2 ellipse forming a heart.
4.Weld them.
5.Adjust the nodes.

Step 16

Arrange them......

Step 17

Its done :)

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thanks for making this tutorial, this is awesome

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This was a really helpful tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

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Amazing tutorial, Niks, worth tweeting The final result is amazing

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