Coreldraw Tutorial: How to Create a Vector Glass With Orange Drink

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a glass using shape tools and trim, weld, intersect actions. I will use the transparency tool to add effects.

I have used corel x4.

End result:
How to Create a Vector Glass With Orange Drink Final Image

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Practice tutorial


Step 1

First take a rectangle (ratio 3:2 approx.). Now take 3point ellipse tool. Drag it from the bottom-left node of rectangle to bottom-right node. Press shift while dragging to make it a perfect circle.

Now select both shapes and weld them

Step 2

Now make a copy of the glass shape. I have colored the outline of one of the glasses red. It will be easier to explain.
step 1- select black glass then red glass.
step 2- click trim.

Step 3

Click the bottom curve of the glass and push it up as shown in figure.

Step 4

Now fill the glass with orange color and its bottom with light grey as shown below. Select them both, right click the "no fill" button. It removes the outline.

Step 5

We will use trim and intersect commands to add more effect to the bottom of the glass. It is similar to step 2 and step 3.

Step 6

Draw 2 rectangles and a square as shown. Rotate the square at 30.2 degree. Trim the yellow rectangle with white curve.
Fill the shapes with colors and don't forget to remove the outlines.

Step 7

Add transparency to the shapes.

Step 8

Draw two rectangles, fill them with white color and remove the outlines.
Place one rectangle at top of the glass.
Draw two more rectangles with rounded edges.

How to draw rectangles with rounded edges-
1.Draw a rectangle.
2.Select shape tool by pressing F10.
3.With shape tool drag the nodes of the rectangle.

Step 9

Add transparency.

Step 10

Add a rectangle trim it to make it look like the shape shown in the figure.
Press Shift+ Page down three times to place it behind the rounded rectangles.

Step 11

Draw a straw fill it with red color.
Copy the rounded rectangle.
Fill it with orange color.
Place it on the right side of the glass.

Step 12

Make bubbles.
Draw a circle.
Fill it with white color.
Add transparency.

Step 13

Now add shadows and background.
Its done.
If you have any problems concerning the tutorial I am always here to help.

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Guest says:

very nice tutorial

(5 years and 2210 days ago)
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well written

(5 years and 2210 days ago)
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Good tutorial..., the shadow need to be a little accurate..,

(5 years and 2209 days ago)
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niks1351 says:

Thanx anoop...

(5 years and 2209 days ago)
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very well written

(5 years and 2209 days ago)
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steed says:

good and easy to understand

(5 years and 2198 days ago)
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keep it up

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good one...

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Nice one, thanks

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nice tuts

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great, keep it coming... thanks!!!

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adeel says:

very helpful and informative tutorial.nice inspiring work.Thanks for sharing!

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Please upload more work...... it is easy to understand

(5 years and 1678 days ago)
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oh good !

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