3DS-Max Tutorial: Create Matches and a Matchbox - Rendered by Vray

In this tutorial we will create a simple scene using the traditional methods of modeling in 3dsMax .... the results will be rendered with V-ray plugin ...

**Done With 3dsMax 2011,Vray 1.50.0 sp5...

End result:
Create Matches and a Matchbox - Rendered by Vray Final Image

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Practice tutorial

Step 1

First of all ... we should prepare our 3d objects ... so our first steps will be about how to create them .....

In this scene we have (5) separate objects:

* the match
* the match box
* the cigarette
* the ashtray
* the cigarette pack

we will learn how to create them in 3dsMax ........

Step 2

1- The match .....

For the match creation we will use 2 objects ( box + sphere )
*The box will be tall & thin and this will be the wood part of the match
**The sphere will be scaled on th Z axis so we will get an egg shape .... and this will be The red Sulfur part of the match ....

By putting the sphere on the top of the box we will be finished from the first of our 5 objects.

Step 3

2- The pack

The pack is just A BOX and we will not modify this box by any way ...

3- The Cigarette

The Cigarette is just A Cylinder and we will not modify this Cylinder by any way ...

Step 4

4- The ashtray

to create the ashtray we have to do 6 steps :
1- Create a cylinder with (2) height segments
2- Turn it to editable poly .... then delete the upper face from the cylinder.
3- Apply Shell modifier on the new shape.
4- Turn it again to editable poly ... and work on the cigarette places by Bridging some faces together
5- Apply Subdivide modifier on the new shape
6- Apply Turbosmooth modifier on the new shape with 3 steps

And this is our new metal ashtray .......

Step 5

5- The match box

the match box is created from 2 parts :
1- the first part is created from a box (with no segments) ,
this box is turned into edit poly ......
then we select the two small faces.......
inset them a little ....
bridge them now...

Step 6

2- The second part is also created from a box (with no segments) ......
This box is turned to poly .....
The upper big face is deleted....
Shell modifier is apllied .....

By merging the last tow shapes that we created ... we will get the match box ....

Step 7

Now the next step after modelling the objects is to add a light source to the scene

In our secene we will use the most popular light in the vray, and its called Vray Light ....
now from the lights menu >>>> Vray >>> vray light

draw the light from the top veiw the adjust its direction so it casts the shadows to the diretion you want ...

the vray light settings are show in the picture below: >>>>

Step 8

Now Some render settings ..... vray 1.50 SP5 .....

Step 9

Textures used for objects ......

Wood materials are all from Archshaders Vol1 which you can purchase from evermotion, or u can use any other wood material u like .....

for high resolution textures mail me ;)

Step 10

Final Result .,....

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Admin3D says:

Nice one,, but why you dont use HDRi map for reflection of the metal? The reflection now is

(5 years and 1710 days ago)
avatar Bitmap
Bitmap says:

Well .... HDRI maps is considered an advaned technique in 3d work .... but in this picture I tried to use the simplest methods to produce this work ....

Thanx for your comment ......

(5 years and 1709 days ago)
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[banned] says:

Thanks for the tutorial. V-Ray is indeed powerful. For the Ashtray, I decided to use a glass material and V-Ray Metal worked great. I created the ashtray almost like yours, however, I boolean-moved two cylinders across the top to cut out the cigarette slots. Then subdivided and smoothed. It just seemed easier to do it that way.

(5 years and 1674 days ago)
avatar Bitmap
Bitmap says:

Well very nice
show us your work ....

(5 years and 1668 days ago)
no avatar
[banned] says:

great work but why is the matches are very very bigger than cigarettes ??

(5 years and 1537 days ago)
avatar Bitmap
Bitmap says:

Hey DOdi .... thnx for your compliment
This work was to enter a contest,the goal was to create a scene with something oversized....

(5 years and 1530 days ago)
no avatar
[banned] says:

why don't you create a tutorial only of vray. i want to learn veray indepth. specially how to use vray meterial to the object which meterial are available in internet. so create a tutorial using vray meterial that are available in internet.

(5 years and 1329 days ago)

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