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avatar Artifakts
Artifakts says:

Sorry author, you will think I'm severe but ... Do you really think this is a good picture ? Good enough to suggest it in a contest ? Nothing is focussed. It's too noisy, subject is too centered. It seems to lean to the left ... Please, do not try at all costs to upload as many pictures as possible : think "quality" !!!

(5 years and 2049 days ago)

avatar magicsteve

Not very toy-esque in my opinion. Maybe bump up the contrast a bit? Right now the colors are pretty drab and earthtone-esque; I'd saturate the crap out of this to give it more of a "toy" feel. Finally, I'd also straighten the horizon up a bit. All the best!

(5 years and 2069 days ago)

Praying Mantis