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"Triskaidekaphobia" is defined as the "Fear" of the number "13." Many buildings avoid the thirteenth floor, many airports do not have a 13th flight or gate, and many cities do not have a 13 Avenue or street. However, the Last Supper had 13 diners with Jesus and the 12 disciples, there are traditionally 13 witches in a coven and so on.

For the purposes of this contest we will embrace and clearly define this number. Take a photograph that has a direct connection to the number 13. Any subject matter is appropriate as long as it adds up to, or defines, the number of 13.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: itsmymoment

Lamantine: Wow ! I love this idea so much !!! 13 is one of my fav numbers -- well done James ! ( 5 years and 1518 days ago )
marina08: It's a Greek word! This will be an interesting competition. ( 5 years and 1518 days ago )
migue1ito: love it! great idea...i work in construction myself and i have worked on buildings that have no 13th floor... ( 5 years and 1518 days ago )
jerostone: Wow, one heck of a Greek expression, and I mean purely Greek. Treis-kai-deka, i.e. three-and -ten ( 5 years and 1515 days ago )
FallingHorse: Ha ha - isit a coincidence that there are 13 entries in this contest ( 5 years and 1510 days ago )
Lamantine: haha ! i noticed that too jodie ( 5 years and 1510 days ago )

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The Hang-mans Knot - created by UncleJimmy

The Hang-mans Knot
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Common myth and belief is that to be a true hangman's knot this knot was to have 13 wraps to properly break the neck of the condemned...this however is untrue. Most commonly it was tied with wet or oiled rope and contained between 6 and 8 wraps. More information can be had at ... (5 years and 1513 days ago)

Bad Bet - created by locksmagic

Bad Bet
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(5 years and 1513 days ago)

Double Trouble - created by locksmagic

Double Trouble
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(5 years and 1511 days ago)

Hey mister Postman - created by DrewBlood

Hey mister Postman
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The House that Built me...... (5 years and 1517 days ago)

Bakers Dozen - created by Carla

Bakers Dozen
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(5 years and 1517 days ago)

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